an open source catalogue of everyday Bangalore.

‘Bangalore.png’ is a constantly evolving collection of cut-out images from our lovely city Bangalore-photographed, compiled and curated by Studio Sorted and the  fantastic people who decided to join hands with us.

Often, we designers face a lack of diverse image resources while creating visual representations, and we believe such renderings must be an extension of their context.

The goal of the project is to make available a database of free, diverse, and high-quality PNG images that genuinely reflect everything we see on an everyday basis in Bangalore.
A recurring photography & editing drive intended to capture objects and
subjects of bangalore taking place at multiple locations
An interactive large scale mural in Bangalore across multiple locations, where passers-by will
get a chance to participate by using physical stickers to
create a collective visual of Namma Bengaluru.
An open source website and online catalogue compiled
with the documented images and objects.
How you can support the project
Fill the form below to volunteer, co-curate, document or financially support this initiative. Anything and everything you’d do will go into making this project bigger and better.
You can also check out @studiosorted on social media to follow along, or write to us on to let us know how you think we can grow and improve this project.
Curators: Durani, Anindya, Netra
Student curator: Manav
Designer: Tanmay
Photographers: Karthik, Sreeram, Murtaza, Rahul, Manav, Ebin, Supreeth, Priyabrata, Neha, Puneeth, Saoirse, Snigdha, Sourabh, Vybhav
Editors: Arushi, Eshita, Anushka, Akshya
Curated and conducted by Studio Sorted as part of

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Co-hosted by Studio Sorted as part of BLR Design Week 2022