at roots

Cept, ahmedabad

A workshop we conducted at CEPT University, revamp was a 'space transformation' workshop at this year's ROOTS festival of the university.

‘ROOTS’ is the annual academic-cultural festival, where CEPTians showcase their creativity, spontaneity, talent, taste and thirst for knowledge. It is the time when the students of different schools of CEPT University get to work and learn together through activities which may not be seemingly or directly related to their fields of study.
the spatial installations
donut open
“1 is a gift, 2 are bombs
Some are cold, some are warm
Find the pair and mark your share

In the workshop, we also picked up this cupboard from one of the architecture studio and painted it inside and out. It’s a mix of minesweeper and memory game, where the player has to open each of the lockers one at a time to find a pair of same shapes, or find a bomb, which would ‘blast’ and have them start all over again!
behind the scenes
Creative direction: Abhishek Durani, Netra Ajjampur
Assisted by: Amita Sana
Participants: Anindya, Almitra, Twisha, Rashmila, Sparsh, Yug, Ria
Organiser: CEPT School of Architecture student council